A Song a Day – Day 233

Ugh. Late post today. I’ve finally got rid of my 48 hour hangover. What a waste of a weekend. It started on Friday with an innocent glass of Tesco Hungarian white wine that my brother had brought over earlier in the week. I should have known. Before I’d emptied the first glass I had the beginnings of a headache. Despite only drinking a couple of glasses I was rubbish on Saturday. Too bad. I had arranged to go out to watch the football. So I took some painkillers and got on with it. A couple of gentle pints of proper beer put an end to the white wine headache, but left me way too tired. The rest of the day I was in bed. Then it all started over again today. Slept really badly, and woke up feeling sick, with a dull headache which has only just gone.

Never, ever drink white wine again. Ever.

I’m far too old for this to be fun any more. I like to drink, but I can’t remember the last time I had a hangover. And I’ll be quite happy if I never have another one. Note to self: never, ever drink white wine again. Ever ever ever. And think twice about draft beer too.

Song of the day

More of the wonderful Joan Armatrading – today’s tune is Me, Myself, I.


One thought on “A Song a Day – Day 233

  1. yup hangovers…have not had one ofr 15 years…and that is definately something to celebrate
    think the thing is to just not drink…cheap wine…did you know hangovers can be worse depending where you are in your cycle?
    nice track….keep up the good work…tick tick x

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