A Song a Day – Day 231

I’ve been seduced by more advertising. This time it’s the advert for the Nair facial hair remover that is on television at the moment. It shows a girl effortlessly shaping her eyebrows with one sweep of a little brush that’s built into the pot. Now given that  until now the only way I’ve been able to shape my eyebrows was to go to a salon and have them waxed, that seemed like a very good idea, so I bought some yesterday and tried it last night. In the cold light of morning my suspicions are confirmed. The good news is that it does work very effectively, the bad news is that very little of my eyebrows remain. Ladies, you have been warned!

Another product that I have been trying out recently is a hair strengthener. I think the one I bought is made by Klorane, but there are various brands out there. You take one capsule a day for three months and it’s supposed to strengthen your hair and stop it falling out. Three months is a long time and I’ve just finished the last one. End result, after this heroic effort? If there is a change, I can’t see it. Another fifty euros wasted!

Song of the Day

I used to love Joan Armatrading, and this is still one of my favourite of her tunes. The Weakness in Me, by Joan Armatrading.


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