A Song a Day – Day 229

Whew, yesterday was a bit mad. I wasn’t expecting to do any editing work while I was here, but for the past couple of days I’ve been working on two jobs. Finishing one and starting another. The second one had a short deadline, so I wanted to crack on with it, while at the same time I was being ‘encouraged’ to get on with the kitchen painting. Well, to cut the story short, progress was made on all fronts, but for someone who’s supposed to be on holiday, I seemed to be under a lot pressure.

Then of course today, the short-deadline job has been cancelled (that’ll teach me to start work with new customers before I’ve been paid) and the pressure is off. It’s back to painting the kitchen ceiling!

Song of the Day

I’m probably the only person left in the world who still remembers Marillion. Their albums Script for a Jester’s Tear and Fugazi were engrained into my brain in the early 1980s. This still sounds great. Today’s pick is the title track from Script for a Jester’s Tear. Ah, Fish, where are you now?



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