A Song a Day – Day 225

Greyhound Racing

Image by Mamboman1 via Flickr

Yesterday my dad asked me to get some milk. One of those big, six pint cartons. So I did.

As I was lugging it home it occured to me that the milk weighed pretty much exactly the same amount as I am trying to lose – 3.4 kilos (half a stone in old money). Until that moment I’d never really thought half a stone was very heavy, but put it into a carrier bag and think again. When I go hiking, this is what’s already in my rucksack before I put anything else into it. Hmm.

It’s the end of week one of the crash diet, and technically it’s gone as planned. I’ve been eating like a sparrow and exercising like a greyhound, but something is going horribly wrong. I haven’t lost Anything At All. This is a mystery to me. I have always believed those friendly-but-stern television doctors who say that if more calories go out than come in, weight loss is inevitable. It seems they’ve been telling us porkies. There is no way that I’ve been eating more than I’ve consumed, but nothing has budged. This seems to defy the laws of physics. Maybe I should offer myself to the medical establishment for research purposes?

Well, it’s proving harder than expected, but I’m not giving up. Let’s see what week two brings.

Song of the Day

Way back in April when djbaroque was blogging (still miss you!) he posted this tune. I liked it so much I almost posted it myself, but I’ve saved it up for now. The tune is called Nancy Lee, by a band I’ve never heard of before – Vintage Trouble. Great stuff 🙂




3 thoughts on “A Song a Day – Day 225

  1. They say that toned muscle is heavier than fat. You must be working incredibly hard … what you’re losing on the diet is being replaced by muscle. Keep it up!!!

    • I have been pushing it a bit, I thought I’d be done by now. Although it’s going to be disappointing if my wobbly thighs become muscly thighs and don’t get any thinner!

      Thanks for stopping by to comment 🙂

  2. sorry pet but sadly at your time of life…well there is no easy way to say this…crash diets will no longer work….Your body is gonna do anything it can to hang onto that last half stone as that is where is stores your extra oestrogen ( or so the story goes). It is said we actually need a bit of extra fat to protect us from the bumps and bruises of the menopause. I have just spent 4 months eating absolutely nothing with sugar, ( apart from fruit) gluten, caffeine almost no dairy…the first three weeks I ate just raw fruit and veg and I have only just lost half a stone. The first month I lost about 2 pounds. Crash dieting is a complete no no as the body goes into lock down. Best off maybe eating fruit and veg but making sure to eat things like olive oil tahini avocados sardines, some good meat….oily things too..axel grease…ha ha good luck….oh and I love this band !!

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