A Song a Day – Day 224

QVC Logo

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Here at my parents, not only do I have a telly, it has more than 100 channels and everyone on every channel speaks english all the time. How good is that!

That said, despite the apparent huge choice, there’s not much that floats my boat. I do find QVC weirdly mesmerising. As someone who doesn’t usually say very much and tends to listen more than speak (which I reckon is why learning to speak French is such a trial), it is amazing to see people who can talk for so long and say so much about so little. I really admire them. Like ballet dancers, they do something that would take me years of training and I still wouldn’t be very good at it.

I’m quite keen on Gok Wan and his Looking Good Naked thing. He seems to have picked up where Trinny and Susannah left off but in a kinder and more meaningful way. It does get a bit repetitive though, and there’s too much time spent on the peripherals and not enough on what the to-be-naked-one  is going through.

Go Jo Go!

There is however, one programme I just can’t get enough of.  I would happily sit through an entire warm and sunny summer weekend with the curtains closed to watch it. No, not the cricket, or even the football. It’s Supernanny! Jo Frost is a wonderwoman. I’m totally fascinated by the way she understands kids and can see how what the parents do causes the kids to behave badly. I also have deep admiration for the sensitivity she shows in handling the parents themselves. Some just need a good slap, but others are at their wits ends having spent years beating themselves up for not being able to control their kids. She has something to offer every one of them. Put this woman in Parliament! Let her run the country!

Song of the Day

I’m not done with the Trinidad vibe yet, so today’s a bit more Shaggy. This one was his first hit in 1993. Nowhere else  dances like they dance in West Indies.

This version gets cut off before the end – sorry 😦



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