A Song a Day – Day 223

Cover of "Rocky"

Cover of Rocky

I’m going to have to change my blogging habits. Last night, when I was lying in bed unable to get to sleep, I had today’s post all mapped out. Morning comes, and it’s all forgotten. [ takes a deep breath and opens mind to all possibilities … ] Nope, all gone.

Another thing I did last night was watch Rocky. It had never registered with me that Sylvester Stallone, as well as starring in the film, wrote it! Now that’s amazing. I also have a new favourite word (I think it’s from the film, but I can’t be sure) instamatically. What a great word. “Could you make me a cup of tea?”, “Instamatically!”

I didn’t get to the end of the film, I stopped at the line “women make legs weak”. In particular, fooling around with women makes legs weak. Now, I don’t see why this doesn’t apply to men too. I mean, I guess men make women’s legs weak too, surely. Given my current fitness craze and work-out routine, I’m going to have to words with Mr DV about this…

And now, I’ve remembered what today’s post was going to be about. OK, I’ll save it for tomorrow .

Song of the Day

There is no greater fun in the world than taking part in Carnival. If you can manage it at all, it’s definitely one of the things to do before you die. I went to Trinidad Carnival in probably 1995. I still have a vivid memory of dancing through the streets as the sun came up, drinking vodka because there was no water left. It was around the time when Shaggy was making it big, and this tune still makes me smile.


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