A Song a Day – Day 219

Late post today, it’s taken a little while to get back online here at my parents.

Coming Home Newcastle

Coming back to Newcastle is like putting on a familiar old coat or pair of shoes. Everything is so comfortable and easy. I understand everything anyone says to me. I know where things are, I know how to get from A to B. I know all the shortcuts. It’s so effortless. What a relief!

The Living Years

Being home is great too. I really appreciate the fact that I get on with my parents, and we’re able to spend three weeks together under the same roof without too much trauma on either side. So many people don’t seem to be able to stand their parents and wouldn’t be able to spend so much (or any) time with them. It looks like I’m going to be re-painting the kitchen while I’m here. Good. It badly needs doing. I like being able to do stuff like this for them now they can’t really do it for themselves.

I heard today’s tune on the radio today, and it couldn’t have come at a better moment. It is Mike and the Mechanics’ 1989 song The Living Years. It kinds of sums up what I’m feeling right now, although my story is a bit different to Mike’s. I’m making  darn sure I’m not going to have regrets when the time comes.



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