A Song a Day – Day 217

Guys, you need to learn to kiss. I mean, you really need to learn to kiss. If you find a woman you like, and you want to keep her, your poor kissing could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I now have two friends who have left their husbands/long-term partners. Obviously there were other things going on, but both complained that partner-in-question was a horrible kisser.

Honestly guys, it’s a deal-breaker. While you men appreciate a girl’s talent in other areas, we girls LOVE a good kisser. A lovely snog will smooth away a lot of other frustrations. There is nothing worse than having your face hoovered by a man with slack lips as you try to  kiss and make up. It’s unpleasant, irritating and makes nothing better.

Remedial kissing

However, muchachos you have a double problem. How do you know if you’re a rubbish kisser? In both cases above, neither woman had ever told her partner about his failings in the smooching department. I’m not sure I would either. I think I’d just make my excuses and leave. But I can see that attitude isn’t going to help anyone. So here’s my take on remedial kissing.

Where is the ketchup?

First, guys, you have to start the conversation. A woman might (or might not) suggest that you could make her happier in bed, but she’ll never tell you you can’t kiss. So it’s up to you to take the initiative.  But if you just ask “am I good kisser” the answer will be something along the lines of,  “yes, fine, where did you put the ketchup?”. You need to be more tentative, more humble and open up the possibility for discussion. Even if you do think you’re a fantastic kisser, experiment with, “I don’t think I’m a very good kisser, what do you think?”. Now if you are a good kisser, you give your partner a chance to praise you to high heaven. If you’re not, and if your woman is worth having, she’ll gently agree, and the conversation begins on how to improve things. If the answer is more like,  “yes, I can’t stand kissing you”, then to be honest, you’re best off out of there.

Just my 2p but who knows, it might save a marriage!

Song of the Day

I’ve already posted the Tom Jones version of this, so today it’s the original Prince version. As the man says “I just want your extra time and your KISS”.


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