A Song a Day – Day 214

Pont de l'Artuby

Yesterday was supposed to be a day out walking along the Gorges de l’Artuby, an offshoot of the Gorges du Verdon.  Mr DV was in charge of planning, and as often happens in these circumstances,  it didn’t work out as expected. At the initial departure point (see left) the precipitous cliffs meant we couldn’t find a route down into the gorge. So we moved on to Plan B which was to enter the gorge higher up, where it wasn’t so deep or steep and walk down, rather than up, it.

Another half an hour in the car brought us to departure point B. However, by now we were on the edge of a military camp, and closer examination of the map revealed that the whole of the area for said hike was slap-bang in the middle of the camp. Time for Plan C. Plan C turned out not to be a gorge walk at all. It was a wade-up-the-river walk. In our hiking boots. Luckily, I’d packed my swimsuit, thinking we might find a little pool somewhere in the gorge. Just as well. The water started out ankle-deep, but by the end I was carrying my rucksack on my head and my hair was wet.

It seemed a very strange thing to be doing. We could have been extras in Apocalypse Now. All that was missing were the Vietcong snipers and our AK-47s.  On the other hand we did get close-ups of a crane (the bird kind) and some sort of huge bird of prey. And the dragonflies were fantabulishus.

In honour of our peculiar day out, here’s a reminder of what else we could have done if we had been extras in Apocalypse Now!


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