A Song a Day – Day 210

Should you be at sitting at home, slightly depressed as you spend yet another summer watching the rain watering the garden and wondering whether you should put the central heating back on, give yourself a smug pat on the back. You could be on holiday here in the south of France, sitting in the fancy villa that’s costing you an arm and a leg, listening to the thunder, watching the rain fall into the swimming pool and wondering whether the thing on the wall is the central heating.

Song of the Day

As the year has gone on, I’ve gone through dry patches when I’ve struggled to find good tunes. Other times, it’s been great to rediscover tracks I used to love, but had forgotten about. I’m on a bit of a roll at the moment; the mid-1990s have quite a bit of this good-but-forgotten stuff. Here’s another one. Anyone else remember Kula Shaker? I was sharing a flat in London at the time, and their début album K (1996) was on constant replay for some time. Listening to the various tracks again, I’m struck by how much they sound like Oasis, who, of course were also influenced by the Beatles.

They had two big hits – this one Tattva, and Govinda, which will be tomorrow’s tune.


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