A Song a Day – Day 208

On Sunday I discovered a new meaning for the term ‘sleep like a baby’.

We were camping, in a busy campsite, full of families with young children. Our neighbour to the right had three kids, aged around eight or nine. The neighbours to the left had a three-year old and a baby. You know when you go camping you’re unlikely to get a good night’s sleep so listening to the left-side kids being told their bedtime story wasn’t that disturbing. I even managed to drop off again after their dad’s snoring woke me up. What was disturbing was being woken up at 2am by left-side baby screaming its lungs out. It screamed so hard it made itself cough. It must have woken up every single person in the campsite, apart from, it seemed, its parents. After more than twenty minutes of mind-numbing screaming, my insistent telepathic message to put the thing in the car was received by the parents. A car door opened, a car door closed, and then… blissful silence.

The thing that strikes me about all this is that we only had to put up with it for one night. By Monday we were far, far away in glorious childlessness. The parents, however, can’t get away. Presumably they have to listen to this on a regular basis. Even if it is your own child, I have no idea how you put up with such a terrible noise night after night. No wonder parents have been known to harm their own children. Thank God I don’t have kids.

Song of the Day

Following on from yesterday, today’s tune is that other great Green Day track. It’s possibly even better known than Time of Your Life. It is Basket Case from the album Dookie.

“I went to a shrink to analyse my dreams, she said it’s lack of sex that’s bringing me down…”

Great stuff!


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