A Song a Day – Day 204

Seems like WordPress years are longer than my years. Yesterday they provided me with this writing prompt:

Exactly half of the year is now over. List 10 things you want to do before 2012 begins.

Half-way through my year was more than twenty days ago. Anyway, I thought about it for a bit and not too much came to mind, but today I thought I’d have another try. Here goes, in very rough order of priority…

1. I want to get the business on a sounder footing, specifically:

  • Get a French website up and running for translations
  • Find/decide on/start using a business name instead of my own
  • Develop a logo, maybe?
  • Expand the client base

2. I want to make more progress towards buying a house here in France (I’ll keep this one vague, it’s still not clear what will be the best way to go about it)

3. I want to still be exercising as regularly as I am now.

4. I want to have more friends here – let’s say two more friends.

5. I want to weigh (just a little bit) less than I do now!

6. I want my mojo back!!!

7. I might want to find another yoga class in the autumn (not sure about this one).

8. I want  have to buy a new car.

9. I want to be confident speaking French.

10. I want to have posted a song for every day of 2011 🙂

Hmm. That was interesting. Well. We’ll see.

Song of the Day

Continuing the Lighthouse Family vibe, this is another of their best tracks. Also from the Ocean Drive album, today’s tune is Lifted. They’ve got such a big, west-coast California sound, I was amazed when I found out they’re from the north-east of England (Wikipedia says they’re from Newcastle, but I’m pretty sure they’re from Middlesbrough).


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