A Song a Day – Day 203

All is well in my world. Funny how there’s not much to talk about when things are going well. I feel good. I’m sleeping well, I’m exercising, I’m working, I’m eating well. I took a break from the sardines, and made some very yummy bruschetta yesterday. Me and Mr DV are going through a good patch. The sun is shining. Food, exercise, work, love. Simple stuff. Doesn’t take much eh?

Today is a second tune by the Lighthouse Family. I posted Ocean Drive earlier in the year. I love them. I could probably fill up the rest of the year with Lighthouse Family tracks. This one is High, and if you pay attention at the beginning of the video you’ll see some shots of the wonderful city that is my home town. Enjoy! I’m off to listen to my Lighthouse Family album collection.


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