A Song a Day – Day 202

Yippee, I have work to do! The first new job in six weeks. I guess six weeks isn’t that long really, but it’s seemed like forever. Then there’s another job already lined up for the beginning of August and then I’ll be visiting my parents. After the misery of the past few weeks things are looking a bit more up than down. Maybe the glass is half full after all.

In my wonderweb wanderings yesterday, I was reading about astrology, in particular the Saturn opposition that happens to most of us around our mid-40s.

Saturn is currently in Libra, and has just entered my 9th house. I came across this from the CafeAstrology website – it’s about transiting Saturn the 9th house (I’ve edited out the less interesting bits):

Saturn transiting the 9th House

…most of us come face to face with our self-defeating attitudes during this period of time. The ninth house is a fire house, and it has much to do with our outlook, our sense of adventure, and our confidence. It also is associated with our faith, hope, and vision… but for most of us, it is more about taking a closer look at, and re-assessing, our attitude and confidence.

At the beginning of the transit, we may feel a little somber. The spirit that drives us and motivates us to move out and beyond the everyday grind comes up for inspection. By the end of the transit, we will have re-worked our spirit, and come face to face with what it is that offers us hope and optimism as well as that which fuels our drive. The initial entrance of Saturn into our ninth house may cause us to question ourselves, but by the end of the transit, if we work hard at self-improvement, we will have replaced our old spirit with a re-generated one.

We will be one step closer to knowing where we are headed, and we will have re-built faith in ourselves. A shaky feeling that causes us to sputter and avoid risks will be replaced with a more mature attitude towards adventure and facing the unknown. We let go of self-defeating attitudes that have been holding us back.

Hmm. I like that bit about replacing the old spirit with a regenerated one. Maybe I’m not suffering from the menopause after all.

Song of the Day

I heard this on the radio yesterday and was immediately transported back to 1984 (yikes!). I used to love Prince, and Purple Rain is probably still one of my favourite albums. Here, for your listening pleasure, is Prince, with When Doves Cry.


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