A Song a Day – Day 199

Lac d’Esparron de Verdon

We’re lucky enough to live near some lovely places. To the east we have the high mountains of the southern Alps, and to the east, some beautiful lakes, like lac d’Esparron de Verdon (above). Esparron is an artificial lake which formed when a dam was built to block the Verdon river. Today it’s a popular summer holiday destination. To prevent pollution, no motor-powered boats are allowed on the lake. All you’ll find are electric boats, windsurfers, sailboats, pedalos and canoes. We usually head for the wild end (right hand side in the photo above) to swim, but this time we hired a kayak and headed for the other end, where the lake narrows into a gorge which eventually becomes the next lake in the series, lake St. Croix.

Ah man, what a great day! The lake is lovely, but down in the gorge, it’s even more spectacular. The water is crystal clear,  and the river meanders along between the limestone cliffs. There’s plenty of conveniently placed rocks along the way to stop for a dip or a snack and enjoy the scenery. Highly recommended.

Song of the Day

I heard this on the radio, and I’m surprised to discover I haven’t already posted it. Maybe I have, and just can’t find it. Time to fill in the gap. It’s Duffy, and the lovely Warwick Avenue.



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