A Song a Day – Day 194

It’s no wonder I can’t sleep. When I lived in the UK I lived in the city. Here in France, I’m in a much more rural setting. They call it a village, but in fact where we are is a collection of four houses with an access road on the side of a hill. So. You would imagine that living here would be a much quieter affair than living in the city. Wouldn’t you?

It’s true that in the city, there’s always the ambient traffic noise. But that hasn’t really changed here. It’s further away now, but still a fairly constant background hum. In the city the binmen used to come at 11am on Tuesday. Now they wake me up three days a week at 6.30am. On the other weekdays I’m woken up at 7am by departure of one set of neighbours for work, and shortly afterwards, the arrival of the truck carrying the team working on the other neighbour’s house. They all pass by on the access road that runs right outside our bedroom window. In the city my neighbours used to walk to the bus stop to get to work. Workmen never turned up before 8am and anyway they always had to park miles away.

City Pigeons Just Coo

Yesterday I was woken up (again) at 7.15am when the neighbours started up the megamower. The city might be noisy, but Nobody, Ever gets up at 7.15am to mow their lawn.  Yesterday’s cacophony continued with two helicopters that flew directly overhead around 8.30am (don’t get that in the city either) and around 9am the cicadas struck up (no bloody grasshoppers in town). Add in the constant shrieking of the swifts which is starting to really get on my nerves (as far as I remember, city pigeons just coo).

It’s Fun to Stay at the YMCA. No, it’s bloody NOT!

The traffic/cicadas/helicopter racket continued all day, and I’ve realised it doesn’t even end at night. Just when the bloody cicadas shut down, the grillons (crickets) start up which has the sole virtue of drowning out the singing frogs (who’s ever been kept awake by frogs and crickets in the city?). And joy, on Saturday nights the local B&B hosts wedding parties and we listen to the Village People until the early hours. Not as bad as you might think, because when the music stops, we can hear the howling of the neighbour’s dog, left home alone for the weekend.


Tune of the Day

I hate this bloody song.


4 thoughts on “A Song a Day – Day 194

  1. ha ha ha…no but I really feel for you…sleepless nights …the bloody pits
    just had three years of them..bit better now…changed my diet and perhaps getting to the top of the menopausal peak.
    It is true now the recession is on all the building work has stopped here…but when it did, no-one started until 8.30.
    yup it is pretty blinking quiet here at 10.33 as most of my neighbours are still asleep…..
    have a good day

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