A Song a Day – Day 193

Does anyone else remember the somewhat weird Joan Armatrading song Eating the Bear?  The chorus goes, “some days the bear will eat you, and on some days you’ll eat the bear”. Well, these past few weeks the bear has had the upper hand.

Some Days the Bear Will Eat You

I seem to be completely stuck, immobilised, unable to do anything. There’s no work coming in, and I’m doing nothing about it. I’m not even having fun or doing something else useful instead. If we had a television I’d be laid out on in front of it watching re-runs of Columbo. We don’t, so I pass the time surfing the wonderweb and trying to figure out what’s wrong with me. I’m not short of ideas for things to do, my head can conjure up a thousand different things, but my heart isn’t in it. I’ve lost my oomph, my motivation, my interest, my spirit. The bear has eaten me.

No doubt this too shall pass, but it’s a very uncomfortable place to be in.


In my wanderings round the web, I’ve come across this great little website PostSecret. The idea is that you write on a postcard a secret that you’ve never told anyone before and send it in to them. Some are funny, some are touching, and some are heartbreakingly painful. It’s not obvious, but there is more to the site than just one page. Check out the News & FAQ for the fascinating story behind the site.

Song of the Day

Today’s tune is said Joan Armatrading song Eating the Bear. I used to love her work, so I’ll probably be digging out a few more of her tunes in the days to come.


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