A Song A Day – Day 192

In the ‘Interests’ section on my CV, I think I’m going to have to cross out ‘films’. Until Saturday, I think I’d watched two in six months, and both of those were last week. However, that figure was doubled on Saturday when I watched two more films: Amish Grace and Please Give, both from 2010.

Amish Grace

Amish Grace is based on the real-life events of 2nd October, 2006 when a husband and father, unable to come to terms with the death of his new-born daughter took revenge on God by taking ten Amish schoolgirls hostage. He killed five of them, before killing himself. The story hints at the darker side of the Amish community, but the focus is on the extraordinary forgiveness shown by the community for the gunman and his family. Given the circumstances, it’s a difficult trick to pull off. The danger is that the community are made to look either naive or stupid for simply following the tenets of their religion. But the film overcomes this and succeeds admirably in giving an insight into what forgiveness really is. Well worth a watch.

Please Give

In “if you like that roll-on deodorant, you’ll like this antibacterial foot-spray” stylee, if you like Mike Leigh films, you’ll probably like Please Give. Basically a character study of  two New York families, there’s not much to say about the plot.

In Mike Leigh fashion, nothing much happens, it’s all about getting to know the characters and their quirks. In films like this, where there’s not much action,  actors really have to earn their chops and every single member (of the all-bar-one female cast) does. I liked it very much indeed, but then I’m a girl.

Song of the Day

Dunno. I’m stuck for a tune for today. Lacking inspiration. Best I can do is bring together the Style Council theme of the past few days with the film theme of today. So today’s tune is A Town Called Malice, from the 2000 film Billy Elliott.



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