A Song a Day – Day 191

One of  the wonders of WordPress is that  today can be yesterday and tomorrow can be today and time is an abstract concept.

Today being Sunday it was our Weekly Outing to the Mountains. This time of year is great, it’s when the high peaks are accessible (no snow) and cool (a welcome relief from the heat on the coast).  The destination was Crete de la Blanche. It’s in the far north of our department, and within striking distance of Col de la Bonette, at 2,800 metres is the highest paved road in the Alps. We didn’t get as high as 2,800 metres, but 2,600 metres is not that far off. By way of comparison, Ben Nevis is 1,344 metres.

Crete de la Blanche

The Alpine Marmot or the Giant Rat?

It was a fabulous walk. A steady uphill climb for the first hour and a half, another hour and a half along the top of the ridge, and then a two hour descent through mountain prairies back to the car. The sun shone, the breeze blew, and the smell – I think it was from the clover – was bewitching. The marmots (which I remain to be convinced are not simply a giant wild rat) came out to play, as did not one, but two chamois (shame so many of them were turned into cleaning cloths).

Another moment of excitement livened up the day. It always a bad sign when the path suddenly ends in front of an electrified fence. In this case, there was no obvious way round, and the sole occupants of the  ‘field’  appeared two well cared for donkeys. So over we went. Mistake. Little did we know one of them had  been trained as an attack donkey which did its best to get us out of its patch quick time.

A great day 🙂

Song of the Day

I’m torn between the theme tune to Little House on the Prairie, and Doh Re Mi from the Sound of Music. In the end Doh Re Mi won out, but I’ll save you the full Julie Andrews experience. This is, however, my very favourite flashmob and still brings a lump to my throat each time I watch it.

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