A Song a Day – Day 190

I’m struggling today. Mr DV has given me his cold, which is no big deal except that I cough all through the night. Two nights without sleep are taking their toll.

I need something mellow to ease my aching mind and body. Today’s tune is the lovely You Do Something To Me from Paul Weller.


2 thoughts on “A Song a Day – Day 190

  1. I have got a blinking cold too arrived on thursday…just been lingering at the back of my sinuses and now I have a nasty cough and am not sleeping
    have been trying to mull on the best way to eat sardines so as to tone down the taste
    avocados and fresh tomatoes and lots of lemon is good -all mashed together
    get the ones in olive oil
    or tomato sauce add chopped onions and slap them on some toast and slightly warm under grill
    get better soon

  2. My cold and cough passed quickly. Two days and it was all over. Slept like a log for the next two nights. Amazing how we take a sound night’s sleep for granted.

    I like the sound of the sardine suggestion, especially the lemon juice. Yesterday I tried mashing them. It’s already better when they don’t look like fish any more. Next I’ll try adding in the other ingredients.

    Hope you’re better soon too.

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