A Song a Day – Day 189

Since my suspicions have been raised about the potential start of my menopause, I’ve been doing some research on alleviating the symptoms, and, in theory, am making a couple of changes to my lifestyle. I’ve upped my 2/3 times weekly exercise sessions to a daily session, and I’ve started eating sardines.


Is this what 8,000 sardines looks like?

Sardines, being full of omega-3 fatty acids and god knows what else that’s good for you, seem to be useful for every kind of medical condition from depression to ingrowing toe nails. They’re also cheap. So I thought I’d give them a go. Trouble is, I really don’t like fish, or in fact any kind of sea food, at all. My misery was compounded when I read that the recommended weekly sardine ration for an adult woman is two tins, and up to four is ok. To do the job properly I’d have to eat them for the rest of my life. There are four sardines in a tin. Supposing I eat two tins a week and in the best case scenario, live for another twenty years, that’s 8,320 sardines. Each one is about 10cm long. Which adds up to around 800 metres-worth of sardines laid end-to-end. Oh heck 😦

If anyone has any ideas for making sardines taste like something else, I’d love to hear them.

Song of the Day

Still in the Style Council groove, today’s tune is another great track,  The Whole Point of No Return. Lovely sax and fab lyrics.


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