A Song a Day – Day 184

During a quiet moment yesterday the conversation turned to the Birdy Song. It turns out that not only is it well-known in France, where it is called La Danse des Canards (the Duck Dance) but the French version also has lyrics.

Dance Steps

A comprehensive guide to the dance can be found on Wikipedia. Unfortunately Beyoncé doesn’t seem to have fully understood the instructions, and consequently her version (see below)  is somewhat improvised.


I know y’all will want to singalong, so here’s the chorus translated into English. Hmm. No wonder there were no lyrics in the English version!

C’est la danse des canards = It’s the duck dance
Qui en sortant de la mare = Who, when they leave the pond
Se secouent le bas des reins = Shake their tail (lit. lower loins)
Et font coin-coin = And do quack quack
Fait’s comme les petits canards = Do like the little ducks
Et pour que tout l’monde se marre = And so that everyone has a good laugh
Remuez le popotin = Wiggle your bottom
En f’sant coin-coin = While going quack quack
A présent claquez du bec = Now close your beak
En secouant vos plumes, avec = While at the same time shaking your feathers
Avec beaucoup plus d’entrain = With much more enthusiasm
Et des coin-coin = And more quack quacks
Allez mettez-en un coup = Give it all you’ve got
Maintenant pliez les g’noux = Now bend your knees
Redressez-vous… = And stand up again…


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