A Song a Day – Day 183

So here we are in the second half of the year. So far, it looks a lot like the first half.

When I reached day 100, I said I was struggling to find my groove. I was writing posts at random times during the day and the music was “an incoherent jumble”. Well, the music is still a bit of a mess, but I have found my writing groove. I re-jigged my schedule, and now I usually do it first thing in the morning, before I get out of bed! It’s become much less of  a struggle (except when time is short) and  more of a pleasure. I found it difficult at the beginning to know what to say and how to pitch it (how much of me/my life do I want to expose to the entire world?) but now I’m more confident. I can see that if I want to gain more followers I need to specialise more. I’m sure that if I’d chosen to feature 365 Motorhead tunes for example, I’d have thousands of crazy Motorhead fans following my every word! But being popular isn’t the goal (for now anyway). I’m still enjoying exploring what to write about and how to write about it.

A look forward

For the rest of the year, it’s probably going to be more of the same. I am still thinking about using the blog to practice my written French, and that will probably happen.   I’ve also started to think about next year. A couple of ideas are cooking. One would be a very personal, and almost certainly anonymous transcript from my diary over the past couple of years.  I’m really not sure about this. One the one hand, it’s easy, the text is already written. On the other hand, do I really want to bear my soul to the Internet (anonymously or not)?

The other thought is a horoscope blog. The idea is to take a daily horoscope (probably from more than one source) and at the end of the day, or the following day comment, and rate its accuracy. At the end of the year, I’d have a semi-scientific assessment of whether any of these astrologers are any good at all.

Song of the Day

When I was looking for today’s tune, I was surprised to find out that Frankie Goes to Hollywood only ever released two albums and seven singles. Today’s tune is the last tune on their last album. It’s the luscious track Is Anyone Out There?

Err… Hello? Hello……


2 thoughts on “A Song a Day – Day 183

  1. I must have a listen to this track..I know what you mean about blogs, but the ‘followers’ is a strange fruit and I know also what you mean about sticking to a focus….something nice about definitely not sticking to a focus and that being your focus….I have similar thoughts about next year, anonymous blog or a blog with a real clear subject…maybe weekly…wow how easy would that be!…hurrah! thinking about something after posting a day…..thats good
    almost just like a practice run for something bigger …
    later x

  2. I’m surprised that they only had 7 singles and 2 albums also! You normally only here the same 3 songs in rotation – Is there anybody out there? *searches* – yes, I think so!

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