A Song a Day – Day 182

Today we cross the Rubicon. Today is the point of no return. According to my spiffy French calendar (still going strong) today is day 182 and 183 days remain in the year. Tomorrow it will be day 183, with 182 days remaining, and we’re into the home stretch!

It’s a good time to reflect on the year so far, but I think that will have to wait until tomorrow. There a couple of other things to talk about first.


I’ve been following my new favourite female tennis player Sabine Lisicki throughout the tournament, and watched her match against Sharapova yesterday. My respect for her grows with each game I see her play. Her lack of experience showed, but she was learning with every point, and you could see her intelligence. She was constantly trying things out, looking for shots and testing tactics to break down her opponent. I expect to see her in the semis again next year, and it can’t be too long before she’s taking trophies home.

I won’t be watching the ladies final. I’m very firmly in the camp that can’t stand Maria Sharapova’s grunting. Like Venus William’s knickers, it becomes the focus of attention and spoils the whole thing. It seems I’m not the only one who has noticed.  This Daily Mail article by Mary Gold is hilarious (and I completely agree with everything she says)!

Song of the Day

There is only one possible song for today. Today is 1st July (thank you God for bringing the awful month of June to a close) and my spiffy French calendar (see above) tells me that tomorrow is the start of the French school holidays. French school holidays (like everything else in France) are far more regimented than their UK equivalents. For the purposes of holidays, the country is divided into three zones (A, B and C). Every school in the zone starts and stops at the same time, and between zones, holidays are usually staggered by a week. This has the unfortunate consequence that if your cousins are in zone C and you’re in zone A, you might find it difficult to find a good time to visit them. The other consequence is that on the changeover weekends, where one zone is ending its holiday and the next zone is starting theirs, the motorways become parking lots.

Anyway, tomorrow, all three zones shut up shop for the long summer break. What else could today’s tune be, but Alice Cooper and School’s Out?


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