A Song a Day – Day 181

Hello world. I’m still here! I gave my head quite a bash while I was cleaning the shower yesterday. It pretty much put an end to the rest of the day’s activities, and it did cross my mind that I might die in my sleep during the night from a slow-bleeding internal wound. However, that doesn’t seem to have happened; all four limbs are fully functional, I can see out both eyes and I’m not slurring my words.

Talking of sleep, dreams fascinate me. What fascinates me most is that you can go places and learn things that you’d never be able to do in waking life. The best example of this is that I know that if you go flying at night (this would be self-propelled flying, not the 2am KLM flight to Bangkok), you have to be very careful of overhead power cables, because they are extremely difficult to see in the dark. More recently I found out what it feels like to be picked up bodily by an invisible force, held in mid-air and shaken (I often have nightmares).

Song of the Day

Boys, get the castanets out, girls, put on your flouncy skirts and prepare to flamenco! Today’s tune is the last of this week’s Gypsy Kings trilogy –  Baila Me.


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