A Song a Day – Day 177

Still with the tennis, I didn’t catch too much of it yesterday. I did see the final few games of what looked like a very entertaining match between  Novak Djokovic and  Marcos Baghdatis. The popular underdog was beaten by a superior tennis player. I have trouble warming to Djokovic. His lantern jaw and lack of facial expression remind me of… you’ll have to be very old to remember this… Max Headroom.

Milan Djokivic Max Headroom

Chris de Burgh

In similar vein, Gitika recently picked a Chris de Burgh tune as her song of the day. I have to admit, I had until now thought that Lady in Red was Eric Clapton’s follow-up to Wonderful Tonight – live and learn eh! But ever since, I’ve had a little nag at that back of my head, trying to think who Chris de Burgh looks like. Who else has overgrown brows, eyes too close together and a gormless schoolboy grin. Robin Williams kept popping up, but that wasn’t quite right. Yesterday I figured out who it is. Roger Federer! See what you think.

Chris de BurghRoger FedererRobin Williams

Tune of the day

And finally, on to the music. I heard this on the radio yesterday, and I’m surprised to find I haven’t included it on the blog yet. It’s way catchy, and the vid is great too. Today it’s Mika, with Big Girls (You are Beautiful).


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