A Song a Day – Day 176

It’s only been in the past few years I’ve become interested in tennis. I used to think it was really boring. And, watching Andy Murray and Ivan Ljubicic last night, I can see why. I thought the match was never going to end. They somehow reminded me of a pair of St Bernard dogs, lolloping round the court on a hot day after a heavy meal. Both relied heavily on their serve, and neither could really be bothered to run around the court and chase the ball down. Tactics were limited to playing keepy-uppy until someone made a mistake and they could try to win the next service point. By the fourth set, I had the impression they both wanted the other one to win just so that they could call it a day and get home to bed.

Compare that to the  Lisicki and Li match on Thursday. They reminded me of a pair of border collies; both of them could run forever and would never, ever give up.

Steve Miller Band

This song was in one of my early Tunes for Guitar books. The first time I heard it was when I tried to play it on my own guitar. I made quite a few attempts over the months, but it was so weird I couldn’t really make head nor tail of it. At the time I thought it was my lack of musical ability, but now I’m not so sure! There’s still something strangely appealing about it.

It is the Steve Miller Band and The Joker.


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