A Song a Day – Day 172

Is it just me, or has it gotten very quiet?  There’s nearly seven billion people on earth, and sometimes I seem to be alone here. Where’s everyone gone?

Today is Solstice day, the longest day of the year. Sunrise at 05.46am, sunset at 09.57pm. Enjoy it. After today, we’re heading back to winter again. And the cicadas still haven’t appeared!

Patrick Wolf – Part Two

As promised yesterday, here’s the other Patrick Wolf tune I’m enjoying very much at the moment. This is also from the Lupercalia album, and it’s called The City.


3 thoughts on “A Song a Day – Day 172

  1. still here!
    I know what you mean …sometimes it does seem like everyone goes a bit quite for no reason…must be the planets. Am determined to do something different today just to get myself out of spending all day in front of the old computer…..keep you posted
    when did you change you layout? it looks good.

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