A Song a Day – Day 171

Yesterday was surprisingly productive, especially given it was a Sunday. I finally managed to put a page on my (work) website to advertise that I do French translation. It’s been amazing to me that this year I’ve done as much translation as I have editing. I’ve never told anyone I do translation. In fact if you’d asked me, I would have said no, my French isn’t good enough. It seems I’ve been too modest. Although it takes longer, translation is not only easier and more enjoyable, but it pays more as well!

That said, while my consumption of French is pretty good now, production is still problematic. Given time, I can write a good email, but speaking is still my Achilles heel. I have a little idea at the back of my mind that in the second half of the year I’m going to write part of my post a day in French. I’ve got ten days or so to make  my mind up, watch this space.

Hiking in France – Plateau de Calern

We also managed to get out for a walk. Our astonishing increase in speed has continued. According to the guide, yesterday’s walk should have taken 4h 45min. We did it in under four hours, which included getting lost and a packet of biscuits break. Mr DV reckons it’s down to the weights sessions I’ve been doing with him. I’m beginning to think he might be right.

Patrick Wolf

Patrick Wolf - LupcaliaI’ve recently become a fanette of Patrick Wolf. House is on replay at the moment, and I like The City a lot too. Both are on his new album Lupercalia which is out today.

Last week I listened to his previous two albums The Bachelor (2009) and The Magic Position (2007). The best I can say about them is that his sound has matured. His voice reminds me a lot of someone I can’t think who.

Tomorrow I’ll play The City, but the tune for today is House by Patrick Wolf (I love the video too).

Update: 22 June 2011

Draco MalfoyMyPatrick Wolf word Scriptor Obscura you have a point. Here are the two side by side. Which is which?


3 thoughts on “A Song a Day – Day 171

  1. I can’t help but think of how much this guy looks like the character of Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter movies every time I look at him. The hair color is different, but the faces are very similar. The resemblance between him and the actor who plays Draco Malfoy is really uncanny, and sort of distracting from the actual music…Its like what is Draco Malfoy doing singing in a music video? 😉 There used to be a show on my local TV here called Celebrity Look-Alikes, and this young man could be a stand-in for Draco Malfoy, they have many of the same mannerisms and facial expressions and they are certainly look-alikes… 🙂

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