A Song a Day – Day 169

The Daily Post suggests ‘what have you recently lost?’ as the topic of the day. That’s easy, because yesterday I finally lost the lassitude and lack of motivation that has been hanging over me since I came back from holiday. It’s been a real struggle to find the energy or interest to do anything, especially work-related. Initially I put it down to being poorly, but even after I got better I still didn’t really feel like doing very much.

Yesterday I finally got moving on updating my work website. I’m a freelance editor and translator and the website is elaineseery.wordpress.com. I really needed to publicise my rates, and I’ve been putting it off for ages. Nearly all new clients complain about how expensive I am, and I’d been both embarrassed and slightly ashamed by what felt like having to justify my existence. Well, I spent yesterday doing (yet another!) Internet survey of other people’s prices, and now I’m (even more) confident that I’m neither the cheapest, nor the most expensive. And I know I do a very good job for the money. Now when anyone complains about the price, I’ll just refer them to my rates pages. Good. I’m happy that that particular bullet has been bitten.

Geordie Legends – Hank Marvin

I had to look up Hank Marvin. I know his name, but I couldn’t exactly place him in the musical landscape. It turns out that, as guitarist for the Shadows, he was a mate of Cliff Richard (in the days when Cliff Richard had a backing band called the Shadows). His real name is Brian Robson (like most other Geordie males of his generation) and we almost share a birthday. The Shadows are probably best known for their 1960 instrumental hit Apache which I reproduce here for your listening delight.


One thought on “A Song a Day – Day 169

  1. the fee thing is such a bug bear…people often ask how much I charge and I get embarassed myself and then remember exactly how many years I spent living on chips and vegetables, and how good I am at what I do…the old phrase if you want a monkey to do the job…… pay someone peanuts. You get what you pay for , and i know there are people doing what I do who charge DOUBLE what i do…there are people who have been doing it half the time as me who charge the same…so i think you have a responsibility to charge what you are worth…good on you girl!

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