A Song a Day – Day 165

It’s time to confess that I have a secret vice. For some people it’s chocolate, for other people it’s shoes, for me it’s horoscopes. I am a secret horoscope junky. I regularly follow half a dozen different astrologers, and find it fascinating that there is so little consensus between them. Given the same set of factual information (the position of the planets in the sky and the angles formed between them), they come up with widely different interpretations.

So what am I to make of today? I can either go with:

You might be frustrated by someone’s behavior today. A loving friend is only trying to help, but chances are that everyone else’s solutions will be so far off target that assistance from others is more troublesome now than productive. You may be left feeling that no one truly understands what you need. Don’t try to justify your beliefs; just retreat enough to reclaim your center of gravity and then move on.

Or maybe this:

If you look at it another way, you see it differently. And, if you view it from yet a further perspective, the impression radically alters again. So? What do you want to do? Keep staring at it from just one fixed angle? You need to be adaptable now. It is not a time for strong opinions, rigid dogmas, and strict policies. It is a time for wisdom. Wisdom understands perfectly well that things that are wrong, in one moment, can be perfectly right in another. If you’re confused about anything, relax. All soon will come naturally clear.


Robbie Williams

I think Robbie Williams is both massively over and under-estimated. Over-estimated in that he’s been made out to be some kind of pop god, and under-estimated in that he is a songwriter who has written some genuinely beautiful tunes. I see similarities with George Michael; another talented song writer, whose  personal life has diminished the credibility of his music-making.

I’ve often heard today’s tune on French radio. I’d always assumed it was a cover version of Supreme. It’s not. Robbie Williams recorded a French version. Respect! It’s far from his best song (I’ll do that tomorrow), but a good effort nonetheless.


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