A Song a Day – Day 163

French restaurants. Doncha just love ’em. Thursday Mr DV and I had planned lunch at a very good restaurant we’ve just discovered. We were last there about three weeks ago, and it was excellent. The date had already been postponed three times for various reasons, so we were happy we’d finally made it. Except, we hadn’t. 12.30pm on a Thursday in June and it was closed. No sign up, not even any opening hours listed. Just closed.

Friday night we had a couple of visitors. There’s another fantastic restaurant nearby. It’s a bit of a must-see. It’s perched on the top of a cliff, and the view looks all the way down the valley to the sea. This time we did the sensible things and called to reserve. Just as well. It was also closed – due to demolition work! After all the storms we’ve had lately, I hope half of it isn’t at the bottom of the valley.

Saturday, Mr DV was helping some friends move house. Lunchtime came, and they went to grab a pizza. Closed. And when we headed to our local pizza van yesterday evening for our own pizza, guess what? Yes, of course, it was closed. No wonder we don’t eat out much.

Today’s tune

I’ve already posted one version of Danny Boy. That one, I hope, made you laugh. This one (from the film Brassed Off), I suspect might make you cry. The arrangement is beautiful, but it’s also a tribute to Pete Postlethwaite (who you’ll probably recognise from his role in The Usual Suspects) who died in January 2011 of pancreatic cancer. He was only 64.


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