A Song a Day – Day 162

New topic. Web browsers. I said on Day 140 that I’d given up using Firefox 4 and moved to Opera. I like Opera; there is something very clean and slick about it. Another plus point is that you can set it to automatically synch your bookmarks across machines. I’m constantly switching between my desktop and laptop machines, so this is a useful bonus. The main problem is that because it’s not well-known, a lot of websites, even the big ones, don’t test in it.  This was becoming frustrating, so I thought I’d give Google Chrome a go.

Once I’d figured out how to get the ‘home’ button to show up, I was off. Chrome has adopted the nifty speed-dial functionality of Opera. However, it also shares another,  annoying feature of Opera. There is no way to block adverts. Firefox has this fantastic plug-in called AdBlock Plus.  It changes the wonderweb experience from a crowded, city-centre bar on a Friday night with lights flashing and music blaring, into a long cool beer on a cliffside terrace by the ocean. Although I missed ABP, I was grooving along with Chrome, until yesterday.

Yesterday, OK, I confess, I was doing a bit of online shopping when I should have been working. Eventually I finished my shopping and went back to working. Imagine my surprise when, as I was cruising along doing my do, I started seeing ads for the very items in the very shop I’d just been looking at. What an amazing coincidence! I DON’T THINK SO. It appears that Google (via Chrome) is tracking my every move, and cunningly using it to tailor the advertising that is shown to me. Maybe people think this is a Good Thing. I mean, if you have to see advertising, it might as well be for things you are interested in. Personally, I find it an unacceptable  invasion of privacy. Chrome is headed for the bin, never to be seen again.

Meanwhile I’ve solved my Firefox 4 problem. The solution turned out to be to turn off hardware acceleration. It works fine now, and I’m once again enjoying an ad-free wonderweb.

On to the music

Enough guitar for now. Time for something different. Very different. Get your fishnets out boys and girls, and get ready to make a jump to the left, and then a step to the right… How about we do the timewarp? Yes, again.

From the must-see 1975 cult movie, the Rocky Horror Picture Show.


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