A Song a Day – Day 161

I came across David Seah’s blog completely by accident. I’m not really into office stationery, so a lot of the time I don’t completely understand what he’s talking about (e.g. the Nifty Hard-bound Mini ETP) but what I do find fascinating are his insights into his own thinking. He posted a really interesting article on Monday called The Great Push which talks about how discouraging it can be when faced with having to learn something new. The post itself is worth a read, but he includes links to two other articles that are also worth taking a look at.

The first is by James Somers and is called How I Failed, Failed, and Finally Succeeded at Learning How to Code, and the other is an essay about the teaching of maths called A Mathematician’s Lament by maths teacher Paul Lockhart. I studied computing science with a couple of mathematicians. One day we were talking about maths. In response to my ‘how can you do it? Maths is really boring’, they both said the same thing. ‘Maths is beautiful’, with a wistful look in their eyes. I’m very envious. It feels like they have a special portal into another world that I don’t have access to.

On to the music. I have not one, but two songs for today. First of all, I was talking about talent shows yesterday, and while I was looking for great guitar solos, came across this unmissable clip from Australian Idol.  Enjoy!

If you’re still here… I started this little guitar set with duelling banjos, and moved on to the ukulele. I think this video brings them together nicely; duelling ukuleles. Stick with it, it gets wilder as it goes on.


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