A Song a Day – Day 157

Those of you who are paying attention will have noticed that yesterday’s post was a little late. A day late in fact. I bet you can’t guess why. I’ll tell you. We were stuck by lightning!

Well, I think so. We woke up on Sunday morning to a thunderstorm, which got worse as the day went on. You know in horror films how the hero and the heroine are out in a storm, the rain is thrashing down, and they have to shout to make themselves heard above the thunder? And how the lightning and the thunder come crashing down at the same time? It was like that. Wild stuff. And then it got worse. The lightning and the thunder were crashing around us, when was a loud ‘pop’ and the lightening was inside the house!! Well, there was a lightening-like arc between our fuse box and Mr DV’s computer. No light bulbs exploded, but all the lights went out (we had the lights were on at midday, that’s how dark it was). The main trip switch had tripped.

Then it went away, and we put the electricity back on. All was quiet for a while. We mopped up the water that had leaked into the house. And then it came back! And the same thing happened again! More thunder and lightning crashing round us, and another pop, and another scary electrical arc. I like a good storm, but this one was a bit too real even for me.

There were two casualties. Our Internet box, and Mr DV’s computer. Now I know why you’re told to unplug electrical appliances during a storm 😦 Anyway, the box was replaced this morning. It looks like the computer will take a bit longer to be fixed.

Today started sunny, but I’m keeping an eye on the black clouds that are building up.

Moving on to the music, Mr DV is a Big fan of Tommy Emmanuel. This one’s for him. Tommy Emmanuel, with Over the Rainbow.


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