A Song a Day – Day 156

I’m feeling much better, thank you. Sometimes, it’s only when you get better that you realise how ill you were before. Remember I said last Monday I wasn’t feeling too well? Well, I was pretty ropey for the whole week. Now I’m wondering whether I might have had a touch of the poisonous cucmber bug. I read up on the symptoms and it’s not a bad match. It lasted the average amount of time, and three days before it started I was in contact with someone who had come from Austria. A bit flaky, I know, but it was never bad enough to head to the doctor for the stool test that would have proved it one way or another.

It did make me wonder, however, how accurate the statistics are. You can’t argue with the number of deaths, but the number of people who are recorded to have contracted it only measure the ones that felt bad enough to go the doctor, and then whose doctor tested them for the bug. If you include people like me, who just felt pretty unwell for a week but didn’t go the doctor, the numbers must be much higher.

Moving on to the music, enough of Wyclef, Macy & co. It’s time for a bit of a guitar set. To kick off with, something you’ll all know and love. Remember the duelling banjoes from the film Deliverance? That would be it. Enjoy 🙂


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