A Song a Day – Day 153

Today is a bum day to be a freelancer. It’s a Bank Holiday here in France. Everybody who has a regular job is getting full pay to stay in bed all day and do nothing. I, however, have a long day’s work ahead of me. Never mind. It’s always swings and roundabouts. Anyway, I’m not alone, the tennis players are still working.

In my muddled musical mind Macy Gray (from yesterday)  is an ex-member of the Black Eyed Peas.  Turns out she’s not, although she did record with them once. I bought their Elephunk album when it came out in 2003. I just listened to it again the other day, and can’t understand what the appeal was. Apart from this track, which is still the stand-out track on the album. I invite you to listen to today’s tune – Where is  the Love, by the, errr, OK-ish, Black Eyed Peas.


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