A Song a Day – Day 149

Hello Everyone, I’m back from hols. Sorry for the silence of the past week. I thought I’d be able to keep up the blog while I was away – I’d been told there was Internet access where I was staying. Unfortunately, that turned out to not quite be entirely true… and in fact, I didn’t even have a mobile phone signal. Anyway, it wasn’t worth fighting over. I had a wonderful time, and I’ve come back fighting fit and totally relaxed and refreshed. Just as well, as now I’ve got a missing week to fill in!

I’ll start with the tune I’d picked out for last Sunday. Every so often, when I’m feeling like it’s all too much like hard work, and life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, I watch this. There is no better pick-me-up. This must be the best piece of television, maybe ever. Watching it just now made me cry all over again.  What can it be? Go back two years to 11th April 2009… Remember Susan Boyle’s breathtaking first performance on Britain’s Got Talent? That would be it. Enjoy.


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