A Song a Day – Day 148

Day seven of holidays, and time to head home. We were all packed up and ready to leave on schedule. I dropped S and J off at the railway station. S heading back to the UK and J back to Australia. Despite a seven hour drive, I would still be home before either of them!

It was an unremarkable drive home, except for a stop at a service station. You see such weird people at service stations. In every way. They’re weird shapes and sizes; too tall, too short, too fat, too thin, six legs, three heads etc. They wear weird clothes and do weird things. It’s scary to think that these are the same people who are overtaking you on the road. I do wonder sometimes if my mind is just making them up. I don’t seem to see them anywhere else. They seem too strange to be real.

Seven hours later and I was back. Welcomed home by Mr DV who had prepared flowers and wine. How good is that 🙂

And so to today’s tune – The Tourists with… So Good to be Back Home Again. And err… talking of weird people. That transvestite at the front, doing the singing? That’s Annie Lennox, honest!


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