A Song a Day – Day 142

So this was the first day of holidays. It was a long drive to get here, but once I left the motorway the scenery was beautiful and just got better as I got closer. The place is lovely. I ended up with a big headache at the end of yesterday, and slept for a full twelve hours. I guess I must have needed it.

After the gorgeous warm sun of yesterday, today is cloudy and cool. I filled the time with a walkabout. I was hoping to see the mountains, but if they were there, they were covered by clouds. What I did find, however, was wild strawberries. Yum yum! If you haven’t tried them, you haven’t lived. Manna from heaven. And the day ended with a yoga session and a bottle of wine shared with my new housemate. Not too bad.

There can be only one song for today. Let me take you down, cos I’m going to… It is, of course, the Beatles and Strawberry Fields Forever. I bet they’ve eaten wild strawberries 🙂


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