A Song a Day – Day 140

Is anyone else having trouble with the new version of Firefox (4.x)? I’ve given up using it to write my posts, as the WordPress editing interface has become desperately unresponsive, especially when you need to backspace. I’ve switched to Opera instead which mostly works well, although there are glitches with that too.

Later today I leave for hols :-). Yesterday I checked out where this place actually is. It’s about 120 km further away than I thought. It’s going to be an even longer drive than I thought. Oh well. Tonight I’m staying at the in-laws to break the journey. It’s my first solo stay with them. Wish me luck! (I shouldn’t need it really, they’re lovely).

I’m going to finish off this little young female singer songwriter set of songs today. Last up is Eva Cassidy. I’m not a particular fan, a lot of the acclaim she gets seems to be down to the tragic circumstances of her death, but this is a lovely song. It’s Eva Cassidy with Fields of Gold (tomorrow, Gitika, something different, I promise!)


4 thoughts on “A Song a Day – Day 140

  1. hey thats funny as I was thinking about her version of some where over the rainbow yesterday -which did actually make me cry the first time I heard it, before all the big fuss started -and i agree there is some sort of morbid thing going on with why so many people like her, and why we hear her so much which i am not completely comfortable with….

  2. I read her biography, have her song books, DVDs CDs – it’s not her early death, it is her concentration while doing the music work, which impressed me …

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