A Song a Day – Day 136

I’ve developed more than a usual interest in eggs since I started my poached-eggs-for-breakfast regime. I’ve found that not all eggs, even from the same box, are equally tasty. So Saturday’s shopping round included some super-duper ‘stamped with the date they were laid’ eggs. It didn’t start well. We noticed a funny smell coming from the shopping bags before we’d got them into the house. It turned out one of the eggs had broken and was stinking like, well, a rotten egg.

However, worse was to come. Imagine my surprise when the eggs, whose USP is that they are stamped with the date they are laid, turned out to have been laid on 18th April. It was 14th May. These eggs were already four weeks old! If I can believe what I read on the Internet, eggs aren’t sold after three weeks in the UK. The other eleven followed the first one into the bin. God knows how old our usual non-date-stamped eggs are. I really hope we just picked up a box that had been overlooked. I’ll be paying more attention in future.

Anyway, moving on from the current state of eggs. Today is more Norah Jones; this time it’s Don’t Know Why. Another gorgeous tune from my new favourite singer.


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