A Song a Day – Day 135

Shopping in a foreign language is always a bit of pot luck. I still remember many years ago when I was backpacking in Turkey, I bought what I thought was toothpaste. When it tasted horrible, I naïvely thought that was what Turkish toothpaste tasted like. I can’t exactly remember how I found out that it was in fact shaving cream.

So yesterday we were doing the weekly shop and I was browsing through the herbal teas (known as infusions over here). I struggle to find anything I like, so I thought I’d try something I’d never heard of before – réglisse. To cut a long story short, at least it wasn’t shaving cream. But it was almost as bad – yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk – it was liquorice. I thought I already knew the all words for the things I really don’t like. They include anis (aniseed) and fenouil (fennel), but this one had slipped through the net. Call it a tough but effective way to learn vocabulary!

I’ve recently become a bit besotted by Norah Jones, I can’t get enough of her. And this song in particular is absolutely beautiful. Each time I listen to it, it addles my brain and takes me somewhere else. Here is the gorgeous Come Away With Me by Norah Jones.


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