A Song a Day – Day 133

Oh happy days 🙂

Yesterday Mr DV took me for a superb lunch at a local-ish restaurant (La Pierre a Four in Biot, if you’re in the area). What a treat! After four years in France I’ve come to the conclusion that good restaurants are as hard to come by as they are in the UK. We’ve had more than a few pretty mediocre meals since we’ve been here. Yesterday I had the fois gras as a starter and we both had the steak main course. It was all fantasticly yummy.

Work is under control and, best of all, I am going on holiday next week. I’ve booked a week of yoga at a place near Toulouse. I can’t wait. I’m leaving Mr DV behind. I’m fairly sure his glazed expression when it comes to all things esoteric isn’t down to him entering a state of meditation.

To go me in the mood, here’s a bit of yoga music. If you do yoga you’ll probably already know Deva Premal, if you don’t, I hope you enjoy the Gayatri Mantra Meditation anyway.


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