A Song a Day – Day 132

First up today – poached eggs. You may remember I’ve taken to having poached eggs for breakfast. It’s become a highlight of the day and I’ve been refining the cooking method. As the eggs were sticking to the cling-film, I briefly tried the swirling-in-water method and ended up with horrible egg soup! I don’t understand how you can swirl the water and break the egg at the same time, plus you can only cook one egg at a time. So I returned to the cling-film method. I tried buying special cling-film that you can put in the microwave to see if that would stop it sticking. It didn’t. However, I’ve now discovered that if you oil the cling-film with a little vegetable oil before wrapping it round the egg, it works a treat.

Plus, God has fixed things up so that it takes exactly the same amount of time for the muffin to toast as it does for the egg to cook. I just have to put the muffin in the toaster, and when it pops up, the eggs are done to perfection. No clock-watching required. Yum yum. One of life’s little pleasures 🙂

Yesterday’s post reminded me of another fandabbydozee song by the Lovin’ Spoonful – this one. Here’s another great summertime tune, What a Day for a Daydream.


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