A Song a Day – Day 120

Did you enjoy the wedding yesterday? I did. There were a couple of moments that made it for me, and they both involved The Queen. It’s not very often she gets to go out in public and the waters don’t part to make way for her. But this was one such occasion.

So it was pretty funny to see the mother of bride standing on the steps of Westminster Abbey taking to someone or other, while unseen behind her, The Queen approached and then attempted to make her presence known. The same thing happened on the balcony at Buckingham Palace, where Queenie had to pretty much elbow her way through the kids to get a good spot.

The other thing that amuses me about The Queen is that she is the only person in the land who cannot sing the national anthem. Others may choose to, but she can’t. Not in public anyway. I do wonder if sometimes in the shower she tries out the odd ‘God save our gracious… err… me’.

They sang this tune during the service yesterday, which reminded me what a magnificent piece of music it is. I don’t have the footage from yesterday, but this vid of Jerusalem from the Last Night of the Proms will do nicely instead.


One thought on “A Song a Day – Day 120

  1. I think this one of the handful of tunes that really installs a sense of national pride in us Brits. Pomp & Circumstance March No. 1, Rule Britannia, Sailors Hornpipe and this. I totally dig the proms. I’m hoping we’ll get to see this at classical spectacular this year.

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