A Song a Day – Day 113

Something that’s been very hard to get used to in France are the Bank Holidays. First of all, they don’t all happen on Monday (or a Friday for Good Friday). They happen on the day of the week they fall on. So, for example, if New Year’s Day falls on a Wednesday, Wednesday is the holiday and you work the rest of the week. Second of all, they’re different. Good Friday isn’t a Bank Holiday here. Neither is Boxing Day. Which means that when Christmas Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the working week doesn’t change, and you can pretty much forget about it. Grim eh?

It sounds as if I’d be better off in the UK right now, enjoying a Bank Holiday weekend in the sunshine. Here there’s no Bank Holiday, which is just as well as it’s cool, cloudy and raining. It’s no coincidence that the tune I woke up with today is called Where’s the Sunshine? Except it isn’t. After a fruitless search for Where’s the Sunshine? I’ve now discovered that it is in fact called Let the Sunshine In. All these years I’ve thought they were singing ‘where’s the sunshine?’ they were in fact singing ‘let the sunshine’. Duh!

Anyway, I’ll still be singing ‘where’s the sunshine’. From the musical Hair, Let the Sunshine In.


2 thoughts on “A Song a Day – Day 113

  1. Interesting facts about the bank holiday (remembered for the pub quiz!) – I don’t know if I could live elsewhere besides England. Yes, the weather here has been scorching… but had to do the quintessential English thing of diving for the weather on the washing line when the rain falls! I can only hope that it keeps it cooler tonight, last night was a tad uncomfy.

    Nice song choice though, i’m totally unfamiliar with Hair… and this (at least to my knowledge is the first time i’ve heard this) — oh wait… there’s the chorus, I know this song haha! — I’ve heard the chorus loads, but didn’t know this is where it’s from… Well, you learn something new each day.

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