A Song a Day – Day 111

This morning I woke up with Santana’s Smooth in my head, but I’ve already done that one, so something different for today.

This duo were a random discovery, made not that long ago. I had my usual background music on while working, and one of their tunes came on. I’ve never been able to re-find what it was they were playing, but it made me cry. Their story is a good one – they’re a pair of Mexicans who met in Mexico City while playing in a thrash metal band! Needless to say, their music is pretty diverse. Take a look at their page on Wikipedia to find out more.

They are Rodrigo y Gabriela and this tune is called Tamacun.


One thought on “A Song a Day – Day 111

  1. ooo, great choice. These two are immensely talented. They’ve done some interesting covers, but their original compositions spark up so much awesomeness. They even had a spot supporting Muse which culminated in playing Wembley IIRC. As a guitarist myself, I can totally respect the music here. This is some serious guitar playing. If you like this I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO recommend ‘Friday Night In San Francisco’ It’s an guitar album with music just like this played in a trio format. The first time I heard it, it completely blew my mind. Tommy Emmanuel might also be worth a check out.

    Buster Voodoo is a top notch R&G track also. Superb choice, one of your best yet.

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