A Song a Day – Day 109

I don’t think I’ve ever talked about the name of this blog, ‘Dark Vador’. It comes from the fact that in France, Darth Vador is known as Dark Vador. Vador being pronounced ‘va’ as in caravan (not ‘vay’ as in ‘ve haf vays of making your talk’) and ‘door’ as in door (not ‘uh’ as in invader). Va-door. For some reason this tickles me immensely and I adopted it for the blog.

At the weekend I learned a new little jewel of French vocabulary. A walkie-talkie is un talkie-walkie. I think that amuses me even more than Dark Vador!

Not having a television, or an iPod, I’ve never heard today’s tune before, but apparently it was used in ads for the iPod. It is a group from New Zealand called Steriogram, and the song is Walkie Talkie Man (or should that be L’homme talkie walkie) ?


One thought on “A Song a Day – Day 109

  1. Oh eck, it’s been a while. I used to know this song on the guitar, well the intro riff specifically. I didn’t care much for the song outside of the intro riff though.

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