A Song a Day – Day 108

Monday morning again.

Clue de Riolan

Clue de Riolan

Yesterday Mr DV and I set off to have a picnic by a river. It’s the kind of trip that normally ends in disappointment. You drive around for hours looking for the perfect spot, but never quite find it. Last time we tried, we drove around for ages looking for a lake. There was one marked on the map. After breaking our way through thick brush for half an hour, we did find it, only to discover that we could walk along the bottom.

This time however, we struck gold. A perfect, perfect spot at the exit of the Clue de Riolan (the Riolan canyon). It was just gorgeous. Days like that make life worth living.

I’m short of inspiration for today, so I’ll slip in another guest suggestion from Mr DV. It seems appropriate for yesterday, if not for today where I’m having trouble getting going. It’s Patrick Hernandez and Born to be Alive. The video is quite something!


One thought on “A Song a Day – Day 108

  1. This song is new to me. This has got that somewhat classic 80’s sound – Decent groove to it. I think he ran out of things to say after so long also. Still, it got my toes tapping and head nodding. Cheesetastic video also!

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